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Name: Vasilis E. Riginos

Born: January 16, 1942 in Athens, Greece

Citizenship: U.S.A. and Greek

Family Status: Married, two children


1995 to present: Communications Satellite and Measurements consultant. Clients include: Lockheed Martin, EUTELSAT, American Mobile Satellite Corporation, and Transworld Communications.
1981 to 1995: Manager of the Transponders Department of the Microwave Technology Division at COMSAT Laboratories; supervised research and development in in-orbit testing techniques (systems, hardware, and software), advanced microwave circuits such as high power amplifiers, regenerative receivers, filters, and multiplexers. He participated in the evaluation and monitoring of the INMARSAT program. He has been the project manager for the GTE ATEF in-orbit testing system, for the INTELSAT Maritime Communications Subsystem in-orbit testing station, the MCI in-orbit testing system, the EUTELSAT in-orbit testing system, the NASA Advanced Communications Satellite (ACTS) ground system RF supervisor equipment, the Hughes DirectTvTM in-orbit testing system, the Hughes Castle Rock in-orbit testing facility (PANAMSAT, Galaxy, etc.), the PALAPA-C in-orbit testing system, and the AMSC in-orbit testing system (in Clarkburg). In addition he provides extensive consultations for Communications Satellite transponder design and troubleshooting problems.
1974 to 1981: Member of the Technical Staff of the Transponders Department of the Microwave Technology Division at COMSAT Laboratories; performed research on solid-state microwave devices. Participated in the specification and evaluation of the INTELSAT V and SBS programs. Developed an Automatic Network Analyzer system and the In-orbit-test systems for the INTELSAT IV-A, V, V-A, SBS, and COMSTAR satellites.
1970 to 1973: Teaching Assistant, Stevens Institute of Technology; taught an undergraduate course in pulse and digital electronics, assisted in the development of an undergraduate laboratory in physical electronics and taught same.
1966 to 1968: Instructor, Officers' School, Signal Corps, Greek Army; taught communications and electronics.

Computer Experience:

  • Unix and Macintosh O/S
  • Extensive programming in Object Oriented C++, C, Java, HP Rocky Mountain BASIC, PL-1, Algol, and Fortran
  • X-window, and OSF/Motif.


1999: Yachmaster certificate from International Yachtmaster Training, 910 S.E. 17th Street Suite 200, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33316 USA.
1970 to 1973: Stevens Institute of Technology; received degree of Ph.D. in Electrophysics.
Dissertation Title: Determination of the Velocity-Field Characteristic of Gallium Arsenide from High-Field Domain Measurements.
Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Peter P. Bohn, AT & T Laboratories, Whippany, New Jersey.
1969 to 1970: Stevens Institute of Technology; received degree of M. Eng. (Electrical).
1968 to 1969: Stevens Institute of Technology; completed undergraduate studies, received degree of B.E.
1960 to 1965: Stevens Institute of Technology; undergraduate studies in engineering.
1951 to 1959: Athens College, Athens Greece; primary and secondary school.


1971 to 1973: National Defense Education Act Fellow.
1969 to 1971: General Telephone and Electronics Fellow.

Military Service:

1965 to 1968: Second Lieutenant, Signal Corps, Greek Army.


Publications, V. Riginos


Computer aided microwave filter tuning system combining a computer controlled network analyzer, a lock and roll sweeper (or synthesizer) and a computational routine to derive a real time composite error function to provide tuning guidance for complex structures. This may also be combined with an optimizing routine to estimate values that cannot be directly measured; such as embedded filter irises.

Professional and Honorary Societies:

IEEE, American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, New York Academy of Science, Sigma Xi.


Sailing, Travelling, Photography, Archaeology.