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I include here same links that are either related to the material in the travel logs or of general interest. Many of the links one finds on the web are of commercial nature, stressing hotels and accommodations. I have tried to weed out such links and concentrate on links related to history, geography and culture.

Unfortunately, links seem to disappear regularly from the web and I cannot vouch for their currency.

Archaeological Institute of America Information about archeology, excavations, preservation, etc.
Greek Mythology Good coverage of Greek and Roman Mythology. It includes a search engine to mythological names.
Perseus Project Maps and Classical text references from Tufts University.
Exchange Calculator Dollar and other currencies Exchange calculator.
World Cruising Guides A Worldwide Cruiser's Guide & Sailing Wiki.
Wikipedia An on-line Encyclopaedia.
Marina Map Worldwide marina information.
Noonsite The global site for cruising sailors created by Jimmy Cornell (of "World Cruising Sailing Roots") with a wealth of cruising information for many countries such as entrance requirements, main ports, etc..
U.S. News & World Report Best Credit Cards With No Foreign Transaction Fee.
Cultural Map of Hellas Links to most Greek museum and archaeological sites. Maintained by the Greek Ministry of Culture.
Bronze Age cultures in Europe Good coverage of the Bronze age in the Aegean.
National Archaeological Museum of Athens Where some of the most significant archaeological treasures in Greece are kept.
infoXenios A web site provided by the National Greek Tourist Organization.
The Hellenic Maritime Museum A Museum dedicated to Greek maritime history.
Walking Tours A site full of information for hiking in mainland Greece and some islands.
Plaka A description of one of Athens more colorful neighborhoods (Wikipedia).
Yacht Harbour and Marinas A partial list of harbors and marinas in Greece (not updated).
Port Book An almost complete list of harbors and marinas in Greece. While free to browse the listing are influensed by their commercial sponsors.
Samos Marina A description of the marina in Pythagorio, Samos.
Charter and sailing guide to Greece An eclectic Greek sailing guide with weather and and sea life information.
Turkish Odyssey An online travel guide to Turkey.
Turkey Travel Guide (a wiki) Another online travel guide to Turkey. It includes some cultural information. It also covers the Black Sea.
Explore Turkey Another online travel guide to Turkey.
Setur Marinas Information on the chain of marinas operated in Turkey by the Setur company.
On Line Turkish Teaches you conversational Turkish.
Visit MALTA A site with information and links about Malta.
Photographs Many photographs from Malta.
Knights of Malta Information of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John and Malta.
Discover Italy A comprehensive site on Italy.
Italian Regions Provides links to all the regions of Italy.
Sardinia.Net Links to sites related to Sardinia.
Sicily - Ustica A web site dedicated to the island of Ustica.
wiki voyage on Calabria A site on Calabria. It provides links cities,towns, and villages.
World Cruising & Sailing Wiki A resource by maintained bt volunteers for the benefit of all cruisers that are sailing around the world.
Cruiser Log Forums Forums for worldwide cruisers.
Faneromeni (Φανερωμένη) Maintained by my brother Nikos. He describes in detail the restoration of his Greek traditional schooner.
Sailing the Dream A very well written book of sailing in the Pacific Ocean.
SeaTalk Bus Explains the wiring and handshake protocols of the Raytheon (Autohelm) data bus.
International Marine Signal Flags Decodes the Signal Flags.
The GPS Resource Library All the information about the GPS system.
Advanced marine navigation course A nice navigation course with excellent graphics.
A Scout's Guide to Boating Knots A good explanation of knots.
Sailing and Nautical Terms Useful list of common terms. Provided by Carissa a high school student.
A Kid's Guide to Sailing Boats Written especially for young people.
Weather on Line Detail 7 day forecast charts for the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Atlantic.
Athens Observatory Local wind chart forecasts for the Greek waters (in Greek).
Poseidon System 3 day forecasts for Greek seas from the National Center for Marine Research .
Greek Meteorological Service Weather forecasts from the Greek Meteorological Service (EMY) it includes the Navtex weather bulletins.
On Line Weather Weather information for the Eastern Mediterranean.
Turkish State Meteorological Service 5 Days Weather Forecast of Turkey.
Meteo France Photographs from Weather Satellites.
Weather satellite images Many Weather Maps & forecasts for Europe.
Passage Weather Worldwide Weather Maps.
Wind Guru A surfer's site with worldwide wind forecasts.
CNN - Weather Forecast Weather forecast for most cities in the world.
Accuweather World weather, good marine coverage for the US.
Marine Weather Forecasts on the Internet.
Suppliers - Services
Itridium A company that specializes in Satellite communications systems for boats.
Vernicos Yachts Yacht Charters in Greece and Turkey.
Moor & Dock Shipyard and Marina in Leros Greece.
Celestaire A supplier of Navigation Instruments.
West Marine A marine equipment supplier that ships anywhere in the world.
C-Map Supplier of C-Map charts.
Raymarine Marine Instruments.
Marine Directory Directory of marine and boating services and suppliers maintained by the Yachting World.
Travel Warning Traveler's Warning & Alerts