Travels with S/Y Thetis

Thetis only


I want to acknowledge two individuals without whom these travels would not have been possible.

My late wife Dr. Alice Swift Riginos (1941-2019), who, following my heart attack in 1997, nursed me back to health so that I was able in the summer of 1998 to continue my travels. She has also been a very supportive, understanding, and suffering spouse during my prolonged absences from home. She is also the editor of these logs.

My brother Nikos, ever since acquiring Thetis in 1984, has been overseeing her maintenance and her overall well being, especially during the many months that I live in the US. His labors on my behalf are way beyond the duties of any brother. In addition, he has been a constant source of nautical advice and encouragement, especially during the 2005 Transatlantic voyage.

I thank Alice and Nikos with all of my weak heart.

I also want to thank my daughter, Corinna, who is not only a wonderful travel companion, but has read these logs and caught many of my mistakes. During the 2005 Atlantic crossing she was our weather service. Every day she looked up different weather sources on the Internet, summarized them, and sent as a short synopsis via the Iridium text messaging service.

The encouragement and support of my sailing friend Turgut Ayker has been pivotal in my decision to create and to continue updating this web.

I also want to thank my friend, Manos Castrinakis, who has not only been a frequent sailing companion but with his participation made the the 2005 Transatlantic voyage possible and thusly allowed me to fulfill my lifelong dream.

Finally, but not least, I want to thank Nikosʼ wife Rozina Kastrinaki upon whom I have come to depend as a contact in Athens for weather, news, and many errands and services which I have imposed on her. Rozina always graciously fulfills my requests and I am very grateful.