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Thetis 2019: Samos-Marathi

This web page contains the logs of an excursion with S/Y Thetis from the island of Samos to the small island of Marathi and back to Samos Marina.

The logs include either some historical and geographical descriptions of the places visited or links to these descriptions. Also included are links to other related web sites.

Route to Samos from Leros
Route to Samos from Leros

Monday August 12, 2019, Day 1

We, Corinna, Siva Sundaresan, Rohan, Leander, Alice, and Vasilis took a 2 day excursion to Marathi. Cynthia stayed in Kalami because she had to prepare for her forthcoming lectures. Yesterday Alice and I stopped at the Marina, on our way to Aliki for swimming, and filled Thetis’ water tanks, installed the knot meter sensor, and emptied the bilge of the accumulated water from the refrigerator condensation, etc. We also connected the AC and turned on the refrigerator. Also we took aboard 3 cases of mineral water.

Alice and I arrived on Monday morning and uncovered the mainsail with the expectation of sailing. We also installed the small bimini that stays, unlike the large tent, under the boom.

When the rest of the family arrived we cast off from the marina at 1025. Outside the marina we removed and stowed the fenders, opened the full mainsail, and unrolled the genoa. We sailed nicely with the 5-15 knot ENE wind until we were abreast of Samiopoula. Then the wind diminished and kept changing direction. We started the motor and motor-sailed for 20 minutes when the wind stabilized to 15-20 knots from the WNW. We turned off the motor and sailed very nicely to the W side of Arki. At that time we turned on the motor and with Corinna at the tiller we turned facing the wind. Siva helped me roll-in the headsail. I then lowered and lashed the mainsail.

While sailing to Marathi: Siva, Leander, & Rohan
While sailing to Marathi: Siva, Leander, & Rohan

We arrive in Marathi at 1450. There were only 2 free Pantelis’ moorings. With Corinna steering we easily caught the mooring closest to the shore and pier. Our depth was 2.7 m.

Everyone swam. The kids and I took the the dinghy, with Rohan driving ashore. I spoke with Toola and arranged for Corinna’s family to stay in a nice room.

Rohan managed to start the outboard, all by himself. After Corinna’s family took their stuff they settled in their room. Siva, the kids, and Corinna swam in the beach. Rohan swam all the way from the shore to Thetis and then asked if he can drive the dinghy by himself and bring his mother onboard. He did so without any trouble. Everyone had a good time.

Leander is happy

Around 8 PM we went to Panteli’s for dinner. Kyria Katina had prepared for us a large assortment of very tasty vegetarian mezedes. For Alice and me she had prepared 2 very good grilled Common seabreams (φαγριά - Pagrus pagrus). It was a good dinner. Alice & I returned to the boat where we slept while the rest slept in their room.

A & V with Pantelis
Vasilis, Pantelis, and Alice

Tuesday August 13, Day 2 2019

We spent all morning in Marathi because everyone had a good time swimming and sitting on the beach. There were lots of other boats here mostly from Turkey. They caused a continuous dinghy traffic in the small cove.

Rohan & Leander
In the dinghy

After saying our goodbyes to Toola, Pandelis, and Katina, Katina insisted that we take one of her wonderful freshly home-baked wheat breads.

Before departing I covered and raised the dinghy with considerable trouble because of the wakes from the comings and goings of the other boats’ tenders.

Finally we departed at 1420 motoring around Tiganakia. After clearing the southern tip of Arki the wind was 10-18 knots from the NNW. We opened about 20% of the headsail and motor-sailed. We kept the tent. It was a bouncy ride. We arrived in the marina at 1850.