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Thetis 2017: Aegean

In the fall of 2016, just a few weeks after I left Samos we lost a very good friend, Dimitris Vourliotis, who had been a frequent guest on day trips with Thetis from Samos. Then two of my island friends, Pantelis Emilianos from Marathi and Dimitris Kamposos from Levitha, suffered strokes. But the worse of all was that my dear cruising friend Turgut Ayker with whom we have been cruising since 1998 lost his 2 year battle with cancer in September 29, 2017. The details of our cruising together are described in a page dedicated to him.

2017 was a strange year. In addition to the yearly cruising there were 2 weddings (wedding#1 & weding#2) and a funeral. My sailing in 2017 was reduced.

The rest is a very personal account of the sailing trips from June to October 2017 with S/Y Thetis, in the Aegean. There were eight separate trips:

  1. Leros to Samos,
  2. Two excursions in Samos,
  3. Samos to Emborios in Kalymnos,
  4. Emborios to Patmos,
  5. Patmos to Samos,
  6. Another excursion in Samos, and
  7. Samos to Tiganakia.
  8. Tiganakia to Leros.
Map of S Aegean
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The highlights of these trips are: