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Thetis 1996: Greece - Malta - Sardinia - Ustica - Calabria

This is a very personal log of a seven week sailing trip, with my boat, Thetis, in the Mediterranean. This trip was undertaken as a test of my boat and myself in preparation for more ambitious voyages, possibly ocean crossings, and maybe, maybe even a circumnavigation. The trip consisted of 7 legs:

  1. The first was from Glyfada, a suburb of Athens, Greece around the Peloponnesos to Pylos.
  2. The second was over open water from Pylos to Malta.
  3. The third, after several days of sightseeing, was from Malta to Cagliari in Sardinia, Italy.
  4. The fourth, again after several days of sightseeing and waiting for a weather window, was a singlehanded leg from Cagliari, Sardinia to Regio Calabria in Italy via the the Aeolian island of Ustica.
  5. The fifth was singlehanded over open water from Regio Calabria to the Greek the Ionian island of Cephalonia.
  6. The sixth was also singlehanded from Cephalonia to the Corinth via the island of Trizonia.
  7. The seventh and final was a transit of the Corinth Canal and then back to our home port in Glyfada.

In legs 1-3 I was accompanied by my dear friend and college room-mate Lewis Unger, who is no longer with us. Every time I sail, I often think of Lewis and I feel his absence very deeply. I dedicate this web site to him.

In leg 7 I was accompanied by my brother Nikos Riginos.

Map of the Med with route
Map of the Mediterranean with route.