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Thetis 2004: Aegean - Turkey, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar

This is a very personal account of approximately six months, April to October 2004. During this time I went on five sailing trips with my boat, S/Y Thetis.

  1. The first trip originated in Leros, an island in the eastern Aegean, where Thetis spent the long winter months. From Leros I singlehandled to the Eastern Aegean islands of Archangelos, then to Lipsi, Samos, Agathonisi, Arki, Marathi, Lipsi, Archangelos, and back to Leros.

    There followed an interruption of 20 days when I flew back to the US on family business. During this time Thetis was waiting for me in the Partheni Shipyard operated by Agmar Marine (renamed Moor & Dock).
  2. The second trip originated from Partheni, Leros. First, I singlehandled to Archangelos, Lipsi, Marathi, Fourni and ended in Samos.
  3. The third trip was actually a number of small trips from Samos.
  4. The fourth trip started from Samos. On the first leg I was accompanied by my friend Manos Castrinakis. We sailed to Agathonisi, Marathi, Arki, Fourni, Oinouses, and ended in Chios where we visited several places. For the second leg, Manos left Thetis, and I singlehanded mostly in Turkish waters to Çesme, back to Chios, then to Agriler Liman, Kirdilim Liman, Gökkavar Liman, Demircil Liman, and Sigacik. From Sigacik I went to Pythagorio in Samos, and then back to Turkey for Altinkum, Gümüslük, Aspat Koyü, and Mersinçik. From Mersinçik Thetis sailed in the company of the S/Y New Life to Buyuk Cati, Bekar Liman, the region of Orak Island, and Bodrum. In Bodrum we parted from New Life and I was joined by my daughter Corinna. We left Turkey and sailed to Kos in Greece. From Kos Thetis returned to the Pythagorio marina in Samos.
  5. The fifth trip started from Samos and ended in the Puerto de Sotogrande in Spain. I singlehandled Thetis from Samos to Rhinia, Kythnos, and to the Alimos marina near Athens. In Athens I was joined by Manos Castrinakis. Together with Manos we sailed to Reggio Calabria in Italy via the Corinth Canal, and the Greek islands of Trizonia and Cephallonia. From Reggio Calabria we sailed to Menorca (Mahon) in Spain via the islands Ustica and Cagliari (in Sardinia). From Mahon we sailed to Mallorca (Cala Petita, Cala Colom, Puerto Petro), Ibiza, Alicante, Almeria, Caleta de Velez, Marbella and Gibraltar from where Manos left. I then finally sailed back to Spain to the Puerto de Sotogrande, where Thetis was hauled out of the water and where she stayed until the end of the year.
Map of the Mediterranean with route
Map of the Mediterranean with route.

The Highlights of the trips are: